INTRODUCTION The good folk at the Museum of London, easily walkable from St Pauls (Central line) and Moorgate (Northern, Circle, Hammersmith and City, Metropolitan and mainline railways) are running an exhibition on the the archaeology of the Elizabeth line, which is built on an East-West axis through London and because of its depth also cuts […]

INTRODUCTION The title for this post comes from a cryptic clue in Saturday’s Times Crossword (I was solving the ordinary clues but noticed this particular clue). I will give the full clue and its solution at the end of the post. FROM PURPLE TO GREY VIA BROWN The station that answers the clue was opened […]

INTRODUCTION This comes from the Circle line’s official twitter feed (it will also be on the Hammersmith and City and Metropolitan line’s feeds as they serve this station as well). WORKS AT BARBICAN Track renewal through Barbican platforms – removing old wooden track panels ready to replace with more durable concrete sleepers & new rail […]

INTRODUCTION I used this station on my way back from an event I attended at Student Central, Malet Street, London this Saturday (click here for more details). PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE Tottenham Court Road station opened as part of the Central London Railway, now the Central line, in 1900. In 1907 the Charing Cross, Euston […]

INTRODUCTION In my post about the Metropolitan line I mentioned the original plan to extend onwards from Chesham to Tring and that I believed the idea had merit. This post gives some extra detail. ISOLATION Chesham Station, which opened for business in 1889 is 3.89 miles from its neighbour Chalfont & Latimer (the longest distance […]

Disabled people and better transport on one side, rich NIMBYs on the other – one guess whose side I’m on! I am categorising this as a ‘stations’ post because i is about a potential future station. A London disabled people’s organisation has backed plans to build a new accessible train station in the heart of […]

INTRODUCTION This post is about a minor station which is local to very different places of interest for me. THE HISTORY Like the rest of the Northern line beyond Highgate on the High Barnet branch, Totteridge & Whetstone is a comparative late comer, having been first served in 1940. However, its origins, on a branch […]

INTRODUCTION This post looks at one of the more distinctive stations on the system. I have some good illustrations for you. THE HISTORY The original station was opened in 19o2 serving the District line, as that line expanded east. In 1936 services on what was then the Hammersmith & City section of the Metropolitan line started […]

Courtesy of… The Bethnal Green Tube Disaster of 1943, in which 173 people were crushed to death, was the UK’s largest single loss of civilian life during World War II. Dr Joan Martin MBE had been qualified for just one year when she led the hospital team treating the casualties. Source: Bethnal Green Tube […]

INTRODUCTION Welcome to this post about two unremarkable stations.  This post came about because on Wednesday evening I was looking through a Railway Atlas that I had acquired at the auction that my employers were running (for more on this click here) and saw a picture that gave me an idea. THE HISTORY Kenton, nowadays […]