On the Beck Map and distortion… The design by Harry Beck, which has stood the test of time, was first introduced in 1933. It’s success has been attributed to the ease with which it can be read, despite the lack of a consistent scale. The sprawl of the London Underground out into the suburbs means […]

The beautifully adaptable map by Harry Beck of the London Underground has been used all over the world, and inspired several ‘alternatives’. One such is this excellent map from Route Plan Roll, which in 2016 created this map of London’s cycle routes. Cycling in the capital, despite the busy roads, has been on the increase. […]

INTRODUCTION On Saturday I had cause to be in London for the day (click here for more details). Engineering works interfered with my journey, and finding myself on a stopping train I alighted at Finsbury Park to change to the Piccadilly line. A NEW POSTER THAT STIRRED A MEMORY The first southbound train that arrived […]

INTRODUCTION Although this station is on the original section of the Piccadilly line which opened in 1906 Covent Garden did not open until 1907. The reason for this omission is that it is actually a mere 0.16 miles (0.26 km) from Leicester Square, the shortest distance between any two stations on the same line anywhere […]

INTRODUCTION This website grew out of series of blog posts that I dubbed “London Station by Station”, and this post is along those lines. ONE OF SNOOKERS TRIPLE CROWN I have chosen today for this post because The Masters, one of the three tournaments which along with the UK Championship and the World Championship that constitutes Snooker’s triple crown […]

INTRODUCTION The last of my purchases with my Christmas cash arrived today, a jute bag I had ordered from the London Transport Museum. A DOUBLY USEFUL ITEM Jute bags are always very useful things to have, especially now that (not before time) plastic shopping bags now carry an automatic 5p charge. This one features red […]

INTRODUCTION I recently put up a post about the book “No Need to Ask!”, which deals with the development of the London Underground map before Henry C Beck. Today I deal with the the other half of the story of London Underground’s maps, as told in “Mr Beck’s Underground Map”. THE PROBLEM WITH STANDARD MAPS […]

INTRODUCTION As well as various presents I received a significant amount of cash this Christmas, and one of the things (there is still one more to come) that I bought with this cash was the book “No Need to Ask!”, which I ordered from Stanford’s. This can be thought of as a prequel to “Mr […]

INTRODUCTION I covered this topic briefly during my post about the Metropolitan line. However, that was an overview of a whole line, and a large number of the stations included within Metroland are no longer served by the Metropolitan, indeed a good few no longer exist at all. THE CREATION OF THE METROPOLITAN As the very name […]