On the Beck Map and distortion… The design by Harry Beck, which has stood the test of time, was first introduced in 1933. It’s success has been attributed to the ease with which it can be read, despite the lack of a consistent scale. The sprawl of the London Underground out into the suburbs means […]

A survey reveals which London Underground line is rated best… YouGov has asked London’s Tube riders what they think of the capital’s nerve system. Coming out on top is the east-west running Jubilee line. 1651 adults in London, were asked ‘Generally speaking do you like or dislike each of the following lines?’. They then chose […]

Here is an American view of London Underground, courtesy of www.independent.co.uk… Dennis Green likes the London Underground. He really, really likes it. He likes it so much he wrote an article about how London is a “transportation paradise” compared to his current home of New York. Source: An American writer took the Tube for the first time […]