INTRODUCTION I spotted this book in King’s Lynn library and of course had to take it out. Here is the front cover: OVERALL IMPRESSION The book is crammed with interesting information,  and covers every line in detail as well as going over the history and some of pre-history of London Underground. I am very glad […]

This is a general public transport piece rather than London specific, but many of the worst instances cited in this article occurred in London due the particularly heavy usage og public transport in the capital… ‘You’re never free of worry’: buses and trains can be a lifeline for disabled people, but cuts and poor planning […]

Excellent piece on transport policy from the Graun… Increased data sharing and confidence about long-term investment is needed to boost better transport, according to our transport experts Source: Easier, cheaper trav el needs joined-up government thinking | Public Leaders Network | The Guardian

Two out three isn’t bad! MBNA Thames Clippers are the fastest and most frequent fleet on the River Thames, offering River Bus services across 21 piers in London from Putney in the west to Woolwich in the east. Source: London Transport Museum, Emirates Air Line & river joint ticket packages | Thames Clippers

INTRODUCTION This post is inspired by Charlotte Hoather who has just produced a blog about attending two concerts at this venue, of which I also have fond memories. She was able to take advantage of an offer whereby she gained admission to these concerts for £5 each because of a Sunday offer which is open to […]

INTRODUCTION This comes from the Circle line’s official twitter feed (it will also be on the Hammersmith and City and Metropolitan line’s feeds as they serve this station as well). WORKS AT BARBICAN Track renewal through Barbican platforms – removing old wooden track panels ready to replace with more durable concrete sleepers & new rail […]

  The collision took place at 4am in Tottenham, north London, with five passengers being rushed to hospital Source: London bus crash: 26 people injured as double decker vehicle smashes into railway bridge with roof ripped off – Mirror Online

INTRODUCTION This Saturday I was in London for the day (see here for more details), and I have posted several times on this site in connection with this (here, here and here), and I am concluding my activity on this front by showing all the London Transport related photos from that day in one post. […]

INTRODUCTION On Saturday I attended an event at Student Central, formerly known as the University of London Union (ULU), on Malet Street – for more details please click here. Student Central is walkable from many stations, and as it is far more than just a student venue, this post aims to set out these various […]