INTRODUCTION Given that I run this site it should be no surprise that the instant I imaged lot 450 in James and Sons’ July auction, which took place yesterday at the Maid’s Head Hotel in Norwich I was thinking in terms of buying it: A MINI BIDDING WAR What was a bit of surprise to […]

INTRODUCTION This post features a London landmark which is particularly well served by public transport. There will be links to several other posts in appropriate places, and I have a couple of satellite maps to share as well. ABOUT THE INSTITUTE Although it was independent for a long time, the Institute of Education is now […]

I found this one while looking at feedback on an unrelated post where I had commented… So there I was, on my way east on our rickety old transport system – I could dredge up some wikistats to tell you there are more passengers on the underground every weekday than bacteria in m… Source: Hitchcock […]

INTRODUCTION The roundel, used in various colour schemes to denote aspects of London Transport is oine of the most famous symbols on the planet, and this post features one highly unusual example. HORTICULTURAL DISPLAY IN CENTRAL LONDON This little piece of topiary sits just outside Euston station, on one of the busiest streets in Britain’s busiest […]