INTRODUCTION I was in London last Saturday for a conference at the National Autistic Society’s HQ and made use of London Underground after the conference, travelling on Northern and Metropolitan line trains. The rest of this post will largely be pictures showing this. THE NORTHERN LINE Catching a Northern line train at Angel means using […]

INTRODUCTION In my post about the Metropolitan line I mentioned the original plan to extend onwards from Chesham to Tring and that I believed the idea had merit. This post gives some extra detail. ISOLATION Chesham Station, which opened for business in 1889 is 3.89 miles from its neighbour Chalfont & Latimer (the longest distance […]

Lets hope that these doubts become abandonment of this BoJo the Clown vanity project… Boris Johnson’s ‘less than honest’ role in procurement process under scrutiny by new mayor of London Source: Doubts over Thames garden bridge as Sadiq Khan probes £175m project

INTRODUCTION On Saturday I had occasion to visit NAS HQ in London for a training session (for a full account click here) and had the opportunity to take some London Underground themed shots after I had finished. SERENDIPITY Although I travelled to the event with someone else (who had specifically asked that we travel together […]