My thanks to David Hencke for this…   CROSS POSTED ON BYLINE.COM Earlier this month the Department of Transport extended its recommended list of bidders to run Britain’s railways to a privatised rail company in Japan. It s… Source: How the government is allowing the Japanese to profit from captive London and Brummie commuters | […]

Another excellent idea from the best candidate in the London mayoral elections… Today I pledged that as Green Mayor I will spend at least 15 percent of London’s transport investment budget on Source: A £1.5 billion investment to unlock London’s cycling potential – Sian Berry

I know this one is a little tenuous, but one of the organisations involved is specifically connected to London Transport, and it is a good piece about something very important. A trio of user-led organisations have challenged the capital’s next mayor to address the inequality faced by disabled Londoners. Inclusion London, The Alliance for Inclusive […]

Disabled people and better transport on one side, rich NIMBYs on the other – one guess whose side I’m on! I am categorising this as a ‘stations’ post because i is about a potential future station. A London disabled people’s organisation has backed plans to build a new accessible train station in the heart of […]

INTRODUCTION This post is setting the scene for what will be a series of posts featuring attractions located close to stations which are fully accessible for disabled people. INSPIRATION FROM A BLOG POST I spotted a link on my twitter feed this morning to a post by Disabled Go entitled “Top 10 Accessible London Attractions”, […]

Well done to the folks at WEIT for finding this! I love the wags who write this kind of stuff on the Underground notice boards in London: More here. h/t: Ivan Source: Yep, this happened, and on April 12 « Why Evolution Is True

An interesting piece in the Guardian about efforts to tackle a major problem on London Underground… A year on from the launch of the powerful Report It to Stop It campaign aimed at tackling sexual harassment, the team behind it weighs up the impact Source: Has Transport for London found a way to stop you […]

INTRODUCTION This post is about a minor station which is local to very different places of interest for me. THE HISTORY Like the rest of the Northern line beyond Highgate on the High Barnet branch, Totteridge & Whetstone is a comparative late comer, having been first served in 1940. However, its origins, on a branch […]

INTRODUCTION This post looks at one of the more distinctive stations on the system. I have some good illustrations for you. THE HISTORY The original station was opened in 19o2 serving the District line, as that line expanded east. In 1936 services on what was then the Hammersmith & City section of the Metropolitan line started […]