INTRODUCTION I was inspired to create this post by reading a wonderful piece about a walk in Roman St Albans by Debbie Smyth on travelwithintent, of which much more later. Walking will bulk quite large throughout this post. TWO VERY DIFFERENT STATIONS St Albans station is a reasonably major station just beyond the official boundary of […]

INTRODUCTION This is a post that owes its existence to serendipity – a piece of imaging at work yesterday and something I saw on twitter yesterday combining to give me the idea. THE HISTORY Manor House was opened as part of the first northerly extension of the Piccadilly line in 1932 (the extension from Finsbury […]

INTRODUCTION This is a post about a place I visited many times in my youth, since I grew up not very far from it. THE HISTORY Crystal Palace was one of two stations opened to serve Crystal Palace (the other being Sydenham), when the building was moved from its original location in Hyde Park to […]

Just how much would Ms Berry’s Fair Fares campaign save you? There is an easy way to check… At stations across London, hard-pressed commuters are backing my plan to flatten the fare zones and let everyone change between Source: Fair fares for London – how much will you save? – Sian Berry

INTRODUCTION This post deals with a station at the eastern end of the central line, and was in part inspired by an auction lot that I recently imaged. THE HISTORY In 1903 the Great Eastern Railway opened what was then called the “Fairlop Loop“. In those days it connected Woodford on the Ongar branch to […]

This is a ‘hens teeth’ moment – Thomas Sutcliffe and Toby Young in agreement about something! Abandoning a convention that has served the Underground well for more than 50 years is too a step too far Source: We Londoners will explode with rage if we have to stand on the escalator

Courtesy of CityMetric… So yesterday, as you’ll know, being dedicated CityMetric readers, we ran a silly story in which New Statesman politics correspondent Stephen Bush imagined how a serious paper of record would cover London and its mayor’s adorably casual attitude towards public money if it were an African city. Source: It could take London’s […]