CALL ON TRANSPORT FOR LONDON TO SIGN UP TO ELECTRONICS WATCH It makes absolute sense to petition an organisation that spends £750 million a year on electronics and therefore has folk falling over themselves to gain custom to sign up to an organisation with the aims set out below: Enter Electronics Watch. TfL is about to vote […]

INTRODUCTION This post will look at the past, present and possible future of London Underground’s newest line. A COMPLEX HISTORY The original plan for a new line had it being called the Fleet Line, but then someone decided that instead it should be named in honour of the Queen’s silver jubilee, hence Jubilee line. The […]

INTRODUCTION This is the second of two posts I am producing about items I purchased at yesterday’s auction. This one has a slihglty more tenuous connection to the subject matter of this website than the badge, but an examination of my posts about the Metropolitan and Central lines will make clear the relevance of a map of Buckinghamshire […]

INTRODUCTION Only one of the original canon of Sherlock Holmes stories features any action on what is now London Underground, the Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans, which features tracks on today’s Metropolitan, District, Circle and Hammersmith & City lines. In The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet mention is made of the fact that Baker Street […]

INTRODUCTION A continuation of my series of posts about the lines the make up London Underground. My last post in this category was this purely speculative effort. RED TRAINS AND FLUCTUATIONS The Baker Street and Waterloo railway opened in 1906, running initially from Lambeth North (originally called Westminster Bridge Road) to Baker Street. By 1910 […]

INTRODUCTION I was put on to these maps, which feature in a Telegraph piece providing hi-res images of lots od historical London Maps, by the wonderful blog historylondon who featured the piece as one of their ‘Ten Gobbets of The Week’. The first map from the Telegraph piece features London’s Theatreland, making the then public transport visible as […]

INTRODUCTION In my post on the District line, originally published on aspiblog, I presented a scheme that would see the western end of the line turned into a giant loop, incorporating two suburban railway branches which currently serve Windsor & Eton. I deferred covering my plans for the remaining branches other than indicating that they […]

INTRODUCTION This little post is a simultaneous coda to the posts about The Beck Map and Esoteric Maps. AN IMAGINATIVE USE OF THE MAP I spotted this on twitter, courtesy of one Gary Walker who was publicising a book promotion website, look4books. This alternative version of the map and logo appears on a t-shirt, and the original […]