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This map is a staple of the site.


The London Underground 150th anniversary coin

London Connections 2015

The current London Connections map.

A Geographical London Connections Map dating from the mid 1990s

A geographical map.

London's Railways in 1897 (there is a post about this map on the site)


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Transport For London’s Tube Page

The London Transport Museum

Londonist – an online guide to things to do in London.

An online visitor’s guide to London.

History London – A splendid blog devoted to informing readers about London’s rich and varied history.

Latest Blog

The original auction image for lot 450.

INTRODUCTION Given that I run this site it should be no surprise that the instant I imaged lot 450 in James and Sons’ July auction, which took place yesterday at the Maid’s Head Hotel in Norwich I was thinking in terms of buying it: A MINI BIDDING WAR What was a bit of surprise to […]

IOE and local stations.

INTRODUCTION This post features a London landmark which is particularly well served by public transport. There will be links to several other posts in appropriate places, and I have a couple of satellite maps to share as well. ABOUT THE INSTITUTE Although it was independent for a long time, the Institute of Education is now […]


INTRODUCTION The roundel, used in various colour schemes to denote aspects of London Transport is oine of the most famous symbols on the planet, and this post features one highly unusual example. HORTICULTURAL DISPLAY IN CENTRAL LONDON This little piece of topiary sits just outside Euston station, on one of the busiest streets in Britain’s busiest […]

Map and stations list.

INTRODUCTION I was in London last Saturday for a conference at the National Autistic Society’s HQ and made use of London Underground after the conference, travelling on Northern and Metropolitan line trains. The rest of this post will largely be pictures showing this. THE NORTHERN LINE Catching a Northern line train at Angel means using […]

INTRODUCTION In my post about the Metropolitan line I mentioned the original plan to extend onwards from Chesham to Tring and that I believed the idea had merit. This post gives some extra detail. ISOLATION Chesham Station, which opened for business in 1889 is 3.89 miles from its neighbour Chalfont & Latimer (the longest distance […]

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